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Birthday, Special Occasion & Christmas Labels

Such a popular,useful, inexpensive, practical alternative to attaching Cards to Gifts. These self adhesive labels do not fall off as cards do, and are readily attached to gifts & gift bags bearing a personalised message from you.

Ideal to use at Christmas when many gift cards bearing the same message from you and your family are hand written. A set of Personalised Christmas labels will save so much time and be easy to read. They also make wonderful gifts to take or send overseas as so light and easy to pack.

Children love to see their name on the presents they give to their friends at parties. Personality Party labels are available in various colours and shapes. They are perfect for attaching to gifts. Most children do not read the cards attached to their gifts, in their haste to discover the surprise within. Gifts bags or wrapped gifts bearing personalised labels make it easy to identify who the gift is from. They are not easily parted from the wrapping paper or gift bag due to the self adhesive nature of the personalised label.

Note: Please note that the colours appearing on your computer screen differs marginally from monitor to monitor.

Step 1: Choose Label Shape and Colour



N.B Please note the writing will be centred on the labels you order.

The label message will be perfectly centred as per the photo above.
Font used in this label is Kristen.

Step 2: Choose Font

Kristen.TTF Jokerman.TTF Times.TTF
Arial.TTF Comic Sans.TTF Copper Plate.TTF
Tempus.TTF Script.TTF Corsiva.TTF
Andy.TTF Curlz.TTF Brush Script.TTF
Kids.TTF Britannica.TTF Freestyle.TTF

Step 3: Choose Quantity and Message

Label Shape
Label Colour
Font Style
Label Message:*
eg. Happy Birthday from Sam
A value is required.

Exceeded maximum number of characters.
Choose Quantity:*






Label Sizes for your Information

Shape Width (cm) Height (cm) Shape Width (cm) Height (cm)
Oval 8 5 Ice Cream 5 7
Small Oval 5.7 3.2 Balloon 5.5 6.5
Xmas Tree 6.5 7.3 Cloud 7.5 4.5
Xmas Bell 6 6 Butterfly 8.5 5.5
Xmas Holly 9 5.2 Star 7 7
Xmas Star 7 7 Cat 9 7
Heart 6 5      
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